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Eternal hardware manufacturing technology, leading industrial design innovation, and high environment protection requirement

To join the three advantages of eternal hardware:

Brand advantage: focus on the fireplace design, quality, technology and service more than 20 years from a small business to the present mature large-scale group enterprise, and lead the fireplace in the market.

2. Professional advantage: focus on my wood-burning fireplace for over 20 years with more than 30 wood-burning fireplace patent technology.

3. The quality advantage: the pursuit of quality reached almost superb realm. This pursuit is beyond the product appearance, often more carefully in the more out of sight, trustworthy.

Choose to join eternal hardware, select hardware technique and technology of the eternal, is to choose a trust and responsibility.

We sincerely invite regional power groups, individuals or enterprises to join in!

Join the object:

1. Interested in operating the fireplace, hvac and building materials sales channel is preferred.

2. There are certain management ability, financial strength, social relations.

3. Has a good market and after service consciousness.

4. Have the arduous struggle the spirit and value and benefits to the future development of fireplace.

Our requirements:

1. The working capital of not less than 200000.

2. The transport capacity is required

3. The storage capacity is required.

4. Independent display or store is required.

5. Need to have installation maintenance personnel.

We support:

1. Rights protection region

2. The sharing of resources, and a unified image. Avoid duplication of investment, rapid increase market influence.

3. To provide graphic, electronic literature information, providing network of free publicity.

4. To provide the latest design, the latest features, the most competitive price products.

5. Constantly launch new products every year, to improve the dealers in the market position in the industry

Please call for information and links to join