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  • Product name: Ecological fireplace design the five elements

Ecological fireplace design the five elements

In order to greatly reduce the excess emissions generated by burning wood fireplace, at the same time maintain good thermal efficiency. Fireplace into the ecological design pattern is needed, but how to design the combustion chamber to realize cleaner emissions? The following is about the five elements of production ecological fireplace, ecological fireplace design should include the following elements:


A, gasification: solid wood burning itself, not only it needs through thermal degradation is broken down into gas and solid material. Solid element is like the candle wick, and fuel combustion chamber above the bright flame is burning all the gas. To achieve such thermal decomposition, it is important to get the correct combustion conditions, especially the heat retention of fuel in the bed.

Second, secondary air: now this often exists in modern wood burner, main purpose is as clean air to keep the glass clean, but the secondary air is produced by burning wood is an important component of the gas. In fact, part of the secondary air can be used as a main inlet, in the combustion cycle also prompted the gas discharge from solid wood.

Three, three times the wind: this may be a smoke emissions in recent years, the development of most is actually produced by another way additional secondary combustion air. Starting point is usually in the upper part of the combustion chamber at the back of the fuel, when most of the first two intake after finish their work, the third inlet burning flame.

Four, fuel and air mixing: this is often overlooked, but it is key to a mixture of air and fuel combustion chamber. Just cooling chamber air does not participate in the combustion process, and take away heat into the flue, so open fireplace thermal efficiency is poor. All kinds of filling gas entrance and shape of combustion chamber itself can contribute to the mix, so to ensure completeness of combustion.

Five, combustion chamber internal conditions, which is important for all the influence of the phase. For example, if the heat loss fast, then before completion of flame in the combustion will be aborted. No matter how hot, they are also of unburned gas in the presence of no oxygen cannot further combustion.

In short, to be successful the only way to realize the level of ecological design of combustion is to make the various elements of the whole system together, really maximize the combination of fuel gas and air. Are used in the process, technology innovation, the future will also need to put a lot of manpower material resources, but make great fireplace remains at the forefront of development.