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The life of the fireplace, warm and beautiful

In a very cold wind and snow in winter, the home of the sofa in front of the fireplace surrounds, spare time with the family sitting together, drink tea, chat, you can also make more space for the children to play, the family happy together. This is the life of fireplace, warm and beautiful.


Color a bit deep wall, directly in front of the fireplace is the zebra stripe leg chair in combination with linen single person sofa, sitting on the sofa, after come back from work well with a newspaper in his hand, legs on the chair. Let a person slowly after tired quiet quiet down.

Beside the fireplace wall paper is brushed coral, coral wallpaper collocation makes the whole house warm fireplace, and the feeling of a foreign holiday.

Ok, burning in the fireplace fruit tree branches, eating delicious barbecue, drank the delicious wine, smell the fresh fruit, this is how comfortable life.