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How to safely handle furnace ash?

In the cold winter, use real wood fire fireplace/stove is a very enjoy thing. Wood burning issue of the crack, the fire of orange, rising up through the indoor warmth -- all this project become words can't describe the warmth and comfort. Frequency is higher, due to use the fireplace in winter/stove ashes are increasingly accumulation, must clean up every couple of days at a time. You know how to safely handle ashes?



A, why should carefully handle ashes?

Ashes often contain burning charcoal, improper disposal is likely to cause a fire. In fact, when you think the fire was completely put out after a few days, also may be hot ashes. How long would it take ash concrete completely extinguished depends on many factors: the temperature of the ash, fuel type, the amount of residual charcoal, etc.

Second, the handle ashes to use tools

Ash bucket - must be made of incombustible material container with lid

Grey shovel, bucket and spade rod must be made out of metal, in most cases small gray shovel is more convenient to use

Fire protection gloves - thickening cowhide glove, length and elbow, prevent burns

Dust mask - to prevent inhalation of dust

Three, the processing steps of ashes

More than ready to tools, you can start to clean up the ashes of the furnace. If you can, please at least 24 hours, to start the fire extinguishing dust, it can make the ashes of the furnace and the rest of the charcoal has time to cool. In winter, may have been don't extinguish the fire or the gap between the two fire is very short, then the safe disposal of ashes becomes increasingly important.

Open the oven door, put ash bucket near the oven door, with grey shovel bucket to scoop out the ashes to ashes. If the ashes and redness of the charcoal, don't shovel out them to ash bucket, but on the inside of the chamber of a stove or furnace or on both sides.

Shovel out enough after the ashes of the ash bucket cover, placed in the cold, well-ventilated, outdoor nonflammable, on the ground, away from any combustible items such as paper, carton, carpet, dead leaves, and fuel wood, etc. Prevent the ash bucket by strong wind blown down or been knocked down by a curious little animals.

Four, when handling ashes to follow the principles of safety

1, be sure to treat all as hot ashes to ashes, even if you think it's been long enough ashes should be completely cooled;

2, after waiting for the fire put out for at least 24 hours to clean up the ashes of the furnace. If the condition allows, as far as possible let ashes in the fireplace/stove in several days, until it completely cooling;

3, don't put the burning charcoal in the ash bucket (thick gray ash bucket is an excellent insulation, charcoal in it is more difficult to put out);

4, don't put any flammable items (waste paper, plastic bags, boxes, etc.) into the ash bucket;

5, after the ashes into the ash bucket in the ashes, and sprinkle some water like extinguishing fire, please in outdoor sprinkler operation;

6, to ash bucket cover, cut off the air;

7, will be equipped with ash ash bucket in a well ventilated place, does not extinguish the charcoal will produce toxic carbon monoxide gas;

8, don't let the ash bucket near any combustible items;

9, place the ash bucket at least three days before he can pour out ashes;

10 and put a fire extinguisher in easy to grab.

Fifth, after cooling purposes of ashes

After cooling of the fire can be as a fertilizer in the garden. But need to remind you that before this is a good idea to measure the soil ph value. Most plants like soil ph is neutral. And ashes is alkaline, if your home courtyard, the soil is acidic, join the ashes of the furnace can improve the pH value, but if the soil is alkaline, is the condition of the plant according to you to consider.